EZY-ROL all-welded distribution trucks are the safe and efficient way to handle heavy loads. For delivery, beverage handling and general applications, these trucks are functionally designed and built to last. These twin handle beverage trucks are constructed of 3/4″ lightweight aluminum for simple and effective handling of large, bulky loads. The frame is tapered with curved back bands for cylinder handling, and all joints are form-fitted for maximum strength and durability.
Although these delivery trucks are offered primarily for handling beverages, they are equally useful for delivery of numerous other types of products. These hand trucks are fabricated from 3/4″ aluminum pipe which has a 1/8″ wall thickness, heliarc welded at all joints. The light weight but rugged construction of these trucks assure years of useful service. Axles are 3/4″ diameter steel and are enclosed in a rugged housing allowing them to be easily replaced. The skid rail is protected from wear by a steel guard which is replaceable, 8″ or 10″ steel shoes are available and these are also readily replaceable. Heavy Duty Pneumatic Wheel 10″ x 3.50-4 Ply tire and tube mounted on two bolted steel hubs for easy disassembly when repairing and replacing tire. Rolls on 3/4″ sealed ball bearings. See hand truck price list below. Truck Capacity 600 lbs. Can Be Shipped By UPS
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